What is the MLS or multiple listing service?

MLS means multiple listing service. Every house for sale is being listed by real estate agent; every house must be listed unless exempted from the MLS. But then it is only the real estate agents that can access the MLS including the professional affiliates as well. However this does not mean that home buyers or seller cannot get that information it is just only not directly. Back then when the MLS is through the use of printing in papers like in a book, there were monthly and weekly updates. Imagine so many updates in papers or books that you need to turn pages. Good thing that MLS is now online.


Businessman real state handshake partnersYou can find condos using MLS, including condos in South Lake Tahoe, CA. You can do a MLS search when you need to find a house where you can live. A real estate agent can be a guide in finding a house. In the MLS which is online software can provide you details of a home like address, square footage, age, baths, number of bedrooms, school districts and many more. Home buyers mistakenly believe that they have access to these details through the online feeds but data is definitely in public is limited in the scope, outdated and often inaccurate. MLS can be owned privately or operated by affiliate of local board of realtors. You can ask your real estate agent about getting the most comprehensive reports regarding available houses in the market. They can enter your complete name and email address then home search preference into the search engine on the MLS that can send you an automatic email of new listings. In this way definitely you can get the most updated information that can never get from anyone or anywhere else. You must ask specifically the updates you would like from the agent, they can customize it. The agent can include the zip code, street or can be the name of the condo, price range, number of bedrooms, garages, pool or spas, and many others. The customized search will be depending on your requirements. So it is important to think about it first before you go to your agent to ask about this option. So think of the MLS as a great help in finding a new house. To find a condo or house that you may want there is the MLS that can be used. Finding the best house, best location, best neighbors, and many bests can be in your hands when you get the emails from the MLS. It is going to be helpful when you use it through the help of your agent. Your agent can definitely assist you, especially if the agent is a good one that has concern for their clients. Be careful though in finding houses but of course it is best to deal with the experts like the real estate agents or other real estate professionals to help you on this. You can surely trust them in finding a new home.

10 Tips for Buying a Condo Calgary| Toronto

tips for buying a condo in Toronto

A condo is more than just a place to live, with condo sales on the rise it can be a pretty shrewd investment as well.  With any investment there are pitfalls to be aware of, being informed is just as important when buying real estate as any other investment tool.  Educate yourself, it will save you time, money and the headache of blowing the budget on maintenance fees. Online marketing companies in Calgary of can help realtors become more successful online, so they are great sources of help for realtor

Here are 10 tips for buying a condo Calgary|Toronto:

  1. Check the building inside and out.  Some faults are visible to the untrained eye, but it is the ones you can’t see that can end up costing you the most money.  Getting an inspection done on a condo is just as important as a free standing house, particularly if it is a pre-owned unit.  Inspections are relatively inexpensive versus later expenses.
  2. Location, location, location. If you’re a native Calgarian then you probably already have an idea of where you want to live.  If you are new to Toronto then you should research the show homes calgary south east.  Check the proximity to schools, shopping and how far you have to commute to work.  Here is a guide to Toronto neighbourhoods you can check out. We also have best community for families calgary
  3. Ask for some upgrades. If you’re buying a pre-owned condo you can ask for upgrades as part of the overall price negotiations.  Buying new construction it’s best to get the upgrades right off the bat, they will pay for themselves later when it is time to sell.
  4. Look into the developer and the condo corporation. Condo construction is an extremely competitive and complicated industry, make sure your developer has the experience to construct and manage your condo complex.  CMHC has put together a comprehensive list of what to research when buying a condo.
  5. Look into nearby construction. After finding and buying the condo of your dreams, with an amazing view, a year later you could be looking in the neighbours windows.  You can have a look at the city website for development applications to see if any new construction is planned.
  6. Buy the parking space! Even if you are a hardcore city dweller who rides the subway, take the parking spot anyway.  At some point you will have guests who need it and its worth it when you go to sell.
  7. Meet the staff. Getting to know the building staff is always a good idea, if anything should go wrong it is nice to know who to call.  It works well too when you need things like parking passes.
  8. Meet the neighbours. Is the condo complex filled with renters, filled with people intolerant of any noise or even worse people who party constantly?  If you’re going to live there finding out the demographics and if you’ll fit in will make your life easier.
  9. Find out the history of your unit. This pertains to buying an existing unit, finding out the selling history and prices can help you project future values.  Yes markets do change but this is still a good indicator to look at.
  10. Beware the fees! That period of time between when you take occupancy and when the building becomes registered, you will be subject to fees.  They don’t count towards your mortgage either, while “occupancy fees” are unavoidable working with a good developer will help minimize them. 

Remember these 10 tips while you are shopping for your new condo and you can reduce headaches and expenses.Let us help with all you condo needs whether in Calgary Or Calgary 



Buying a Condo Versus Renting an Apartment

Buying condo versus renting an apartment

In the last few years condo purchases have exploded in Toronto, with prices of single family homes on the rise, buyers have looked for better priced alternatives.  Consumers who hadn’t previously considered getting into the real estate market are turning to condos as a viable alternative to renting.  Condos and apartment do have much in common as far as the variety of structure and appearance that’s as far as it goes.   So which is right for you?  What are the benefits of owning a condo versus renting an apartment?

Buying a Condo

First and foremost is home ownership, you’re no longer at the mercy of a landlord the property is yours.  You can decorate however you like, paint, install carpets or hardwood, and you get to do all of this without permission of someone else.  No more worrying about nail holes in the walls, but bear in mind that even with a condo there is home maintenance.  If your toilet backs up in the middle of the night you will be the one calling and paying for a plumber.  Appliances are generally your responsibility as well, leaking fridges; again it will be up to you to buy a new one.

Condo complexes often have far more amenities than a traditional apartment building.  Some come with indoor pools, and exercise areas and they are specifically for the residents of the complex and not the general public.  Condos are built with the community in mind and most are close to amenities like restaurants, shopping districts and other public attractions.  If you are on realtor.ca looking through the listings, take a look at what’s available in the downtown core as an example, everything is at your doorstep.

Condos offer the added benefit of security, some building have doormen as well as dedicated parking spots, while others are located in gated communities.  You can rest easy knowing that strangers do not have access to your building and you are safe going back and forth to your vehicle.  There are maintenance crews on staff to make sure the security stays up to par and the building and parking areas are well lit.

Renting an Apartment

Buying a Condo ownership may sound ideal but there are some perks to renting an apartment as well.  Living in an apartment is much less responsibility for the tenant and that alone can make it worthwhile.  The responsibility of upkeep and maintenance falls with the landlord and not you.  If something breaks down you are not responsible for the financial costs or the general hassle of getting it fixed.  By law your landlord must make sure the basics such as plumbing, heat, electricity are all in perfect working order.

Renting gives you flexibility that buying simply does not.  Yes, renting an apartment generally involves a lease but once the lease is done you are free to move out when you wish providing you give some notice.  Moving in to an apartment requires less cash as well, you are obligated to pay first and last month’s rent, but that is far less than down payments and closing costs involved in a purchase.  Being able to move means you are not tied to one location, if your career involves travel or you’re not committed to that particular location, renting is a much better bet.

Deciding Which is Best For You

Buying a condo versus renting an apartment, ultimately you have to sit down and decide if ownership is for you.  Do you want to make that commitment?  Over the long run there are definite advantages to owning, and there are still some good deals to be had in the GTA.    That being said there is nothing wrong with renting until you are ready to commit to purchasing.

Here are some experts weighing in on whether to buy or rent:

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